About Shugart Builders

Shugart Builders is one of the oldest construction companies in Northwest Michigan. In 1952 Vern Shugart started a tradition of high quality building in Northwest Michigan. Vern continued a reputation of excellence that he passed onto his son, Greg Shugart. Greg Shugart successfully operated the company with his wife, Cookie, carrying Shugart Builders through the 80's, 90's and into the 2000's. After years of working together, Greg passed on the company to Nick and Corinn Kowalski. Nick started in the field with Shugart and, after graduating college, began work in the office learning with Greg over the years. Greg continues to work with the company as he desires in his pseudo retirement.

Nick and Corinn carry on operating the company with a simple recipe of happy clients and quality product. They live on sixty acres, in a farmhouse they built, with their six kids, dogs, cats, a handful of farm animals, and Corinn's chickens. Nick can often be found traveling to jobsites with his dog, Finn, and spends any free time taking the oldest boys fishing.